Sunday, September 27, 2009

So if my family can't update their blog at all then I guess it is up to the children to do it for them. My name is Tyler and I am a son to the Ben and Julie clan. They are doing great. Malena is off to school at BYU Hawaii and doing fantastic. She is meeting new people and taking no prisoners. She loves her sign language class and has joined the hawaiian club. We love hearing from her and can't wait till she is back for Christmas.

Maria and Tom are doing great. She is 8 weeks along already. Can you believe it?!! Of course I mean that she is eight weeks along since her appendix surgery. That is the terminology everyone uses for that right? We had a scare with that in July when she woke up early in the morning with tons of pain in her stomach. But they sucked that sucker out of her and she is doing much better. She also just finished her dental assisting program and I believe she still has to take the test but should do fine. Her and Tom are looking for a home and mom is praying it will be close to her. We'll see. Tom is still working crazy hard and will be heading back to school soon to finish up his degree.

Slade starts school tomorrow. He is excited, nervous and everything in between. He will do great and got several scholarships with his acting at the Pentacle theatre. He is a stud but is waiting to put his studly moves on a woman until he can get things under control with school and all that.

Alli and I just bought a home close to mom. Mom is SUPER excited, and so are we. It is a cute little 2 bedroom 1 bath bungalow. She is working at pediatricians office while I am going through training with my job and trying to figure out how I can get them to pay for my degree. They offer a 75% tuition deal so it should work out pretty nicely.

Mom and dad are doing good. I mean how often do you get to go to Hawaii twice in two years? Well just ask my mom. She is a true native by now. She is trying handle her kids leaving one by one. The fact that they are trying to do an addition shows just how much she is holding on to the fact that we are going to stick around. Don't worry mom we won't go far. Dad is doing great in the stake presidency. He works hard at work and at church and never slows down.

Well that is all that we have going on here that I know of. If mom were writing this like she should be we would probably have a lot more exciting news. But here I be doing the best I can as the clueless oldest son that I am. I figure if I keep myself in the dark I can never get blamed for forgetting, right? Too bad it never works out that way. Enjoy your day, night, weekend or whatever you choose.